Facebook Promotion

One of the digital ads designed to promote winning a mini ranger, as incentive to list your property with Property Specialists.

Certificate for Awards ceremony

Logo re-draw, and certificate design.

UH Cossie Club Application Form

This application form folds in half once printed to become A5 size.

Sports Event Form

This is one of many forms I've created using the Wellington City Council branding guidelines. This form was created to be filled in online so all fields are editable.

Special Vehicle Lane Offence Form

Another Wellington City Council form, this one has been created for print. All the pink fields are variable data fields to be inserted electronically before bulk print.

Nairnville Recreation Centre Holiday Form

This form is designed for staff to fill in online and then print out for customers. All the XXX fields are editable as are the 'Event name' and 'Event Body', for all of which the style is locked to retain form consistency.

Wellington Convention Centre 
Magazine Advert

I was a regular designer for the Wellington Convention Centre for a few years, designing ads, booklets, signage, posters and event collateral.

Congratulations Certificate

This certificate was part of a package of collateral I designed for the Upper Hutt Parent's Centre. The Centre connects Parents-to-be and informs them of all they need to know for their upcoming arrival.

Housing Calling Card

For Housing staff to drop off at Wellington City Council Flats if they called to have work done and the tenant wasn't home.

Grace under Fire

A certificate rewarding staff for handling stress in a calm manner.

Baby Shower Invite

Inviting friends to the baby shower of expectant boy.

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